Spring Lessons 🌸

Dàjiā hǎo (大家好)

For the spring, Ryann is taking a 12 week Mommy & Me (and Rylee) Mandarin course at Manhattan Mandarin. So far we have completed two of the twelve classes and I must say, I’m very enthusiastic about the remaining sessions. Ryann seems to really enjoy the class. Her lǎoshī (老师:teacher) makes an effort to keep both students engaged throughout the class with song and dance. During the hour long session mostly Mandarin in spoken. The things that are spoken in English are repeated in Chinese. Having a native speaker instruct the class helps Ryann and her classmate become comfortable and accustomed to interacting and conversing in Mandarin. In these two weeks, I have definitely seen an improvement in Ryanns vocabulary.

Not only has Ryann benefited from the lessons but so have Rylee and myself. We get to learn along with her. This class really makes family learning fun. 

Week One

Week Two 

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