A Trip To The Zoo !

Have you ever had the opportunity to visit the Bronx Zoo? If not, I urge you to do so. Living in New York has many perks and  having access to four zoos is just the one of them. A membership through the wildlife Conservation Society gives full access to the zoos and most of their attractions. As a bronxite, it would practically be a crime not to take full advantage of my boroughs very own zoo. To kick off the fall we took an opportunity to visit our local zoo. We were able to enjoy lunch, stroll through the park, interact with several audacious peacocks and visit the children’s zoo. I’m looking forward to our next visit.  Take some time and enjoy some photos of our experience followed by some mandarin vocabulary. 

Zoo -动物园 – dòng wù yuán
Animals-动物 -dòngwù

Birds-鸟 – niǎo

Flamingo-火烈鸟 – huǒ liè niǎo

Duck-鸭 – yā

Fish-鱼 – yú

Mammal- 哺乳动物 – bǔ rǔ dòng wù


Goat – 山羊- shān yáng

Fox-狐狸 – hú lí

Peacock -孔雀- kǒng què

(I’ll be posting an update with the translations a few more of the animals at a later date )

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