All About Me

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Ni Hao! Wǒ shì Ryann Ashlee. Wǒ sān suìle. I am from New York City. I have a ton of cool pets and an even cooler family. I have yī gè mèimei. Her name is Rylee. She is one year old. She loves noodles and dancing.

My favorite president is George Washington. I like that he had fake teeth. My favorite color used to be red but I switched it to pink. I think Neptune is the best planet. It blows allllll the wind around. I like to eat macaroni & cheese, noodles, chicken and broccoli. I like to play with my toys and have a picnic with my friends. My favorite song is the president song. I like the song about money too. Here are the songs I like most—>” Coin song, Coins!, U.S Presidents and Learning Money.

I love learning new things and I hope you will too!

So Come Learn With Me!